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Need Apex Developer to build a small app

We need a timesheet app built in SF to allow us to track time spent on projects (we use the Projects and Issue Management app).  So basically it needs to be a timesheet that is associated to a project and an account with the ability to run reports against.  We are looking to get this done asap.
We are located in downtown DC.
thanks in advance....
Execute EZSAASExecute EZSAAS
Hi there,  I'd assume you have already looked on AppExchange for these apps and it did not meet your requirements? e.g. thanks to Salesforce Labs - Services Project Manager
We are a software company and I think we can help you. We move to salesforce appexchange for 4 months.
Please tell me more details about you small app.

If Services Project Manager is too basic for your needs, I can help you - having just produced an App for AppExchange. Please contact me at coling@macmicro.com for more details.

Colin Goldberg

MK Partners is a salesforce consulting firm based in Los Angeles.  We have built a custom app for tracking Time Cards which we can customize to meet your specific needs.  Please contact me to schedule a free demo.
Saaspoint AdminSaaspoint Admin
Saaspoint Timetrack - a project based time and expenses management app is developed and ready for 30 day trial.  Log on to http://www.saaspoint.com and we'll organise a test drive for you!
We use Pacific Timesheet (www.pacifictimesheet.com) and integrate it with our Salesforce data. They have a really knowledgeable consulting staff, too, if you need special features like we did. Hope this helps!