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Subscription level needed to access API?

Double checking here..


I know that the Enterprise Edition is supposed to be the level needed to access the account via API. But is it the same conditions for ALL APIs on all levels so to speak? We are using the HTTP REST API to access sales objects, would full Enterprise edition really be needed?

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Enterprise will certainly give them access to the REST API.

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Depends on what you want to do.  For example, you can get the REST and SOAP APIs with the light force.com platform subscription:



If you're using Salescloud, webservices comes at EE.



If you're buying a partner app, the partner app will (probably) have access to the API even if your subscription doesn't.


Also just attempted use the API with a standard production PE via 


and saw the "NO API" error I was expecting.


Thank you. I have been working with Salesforce inegration for quite some time now but still all the different APIs, levels and features sometimes makes me confused..


I am not sure what the Force.com $10 or $25/month means... We are not usng any using SOAP, Apex, built in web-apps or any other framwworks. We are only using the plain REST HTTP XML/Json API.   


I looked carefully at your documents and still it seems the Enterprise Level is the one our app users will need, but PLEASE coreect me if I am wong?



Enterprise will certainly give them access to the REST API.

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Just a follow-up on this:


Let say one of our clients is using the Group Edition which does not give access to the API. An additional license with the Force.com "Light" would apparently give API-access and would be much cheaper than uprading to Enterprise level. But what would any obstacles be? Does the Force.com license give access to the same sales data stored in the cloud under a Group subscription?