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Installing my first piece of Apex code

Someone I met on these boards has kindly helped me write a piece of code that should create a contract from an opportunity, and copy over our custom fields (see below).


I am now struggling with the task of getting it deployed into our org.  We have enterprise edition - is there anyone who would be prepared to walk me through what I need to do, stage by stage?


Please, please help!



trigger CreatecontractonOppstageclosewon on Opportunity (after insert , after update) {
Set<Id> accId = new Set<Id>();
List<Opportunity> opplist = new List<Opportunity>();
List<contract> conrtlist = new List<contract>();
for(Opportunity opp :{
if(opp.StageName == 'Closed Won'){
Contract con = new Contract();
if(opp.AccountId != NULL){
con .AccountId = opp.AccountId;
con .Status = 'Draft';
con .StartDate = System.Today();
con .ContractTerm = 6;
con.X3_RESEARCH_site_history__c) - opp.X3_RESEARCH_site_history__c)
con.X4_RESEARCH_likely_issues__c = opp.X4_RESEARCH_likely_issues__c
con.X5_RESEARCH_Stakeholders__c - opp.X5_RESEARCH_Stakeholders__c
con.X6_RESEARCH_company_other_projects__c = opp.X6_RESEARCH_company_other_projects__c
con.Client_Code__c = opp.Client_Code__c
con.Council__c = opp.Council__c
con.Date_for_1st_Public_Exhibition__c = opp.Date_for_1st_Public_Exhibition__c
con.Date_for_2nd_Public_Exhibition__c = opp.Date_for_2nd_Public_Exhibition__c
con.Date_to_Call__c = opp.Date_to_Call__c
con.Date_for_Submission__c = opp.Date_for_Submission__c
con.Details_of_Lead__c = opp.Details_of_Lead__c
con.First_Meeting_Report__c = opp.First_Meeting_Report__c
con.IPA_Pitch_Member_1__c = opp.IPA_Pitch_Member_1__c
con.IPA_Pitch_Member_2__c = opp.IPA_Pitch_Member_2__c
con.IPA_Pitch_Member_3__c = opp.IPA_Pitch_Member_3__c
con.Indigo_Email__c = opp.Indigo_Email__c
con.Planning_Committee_Date_Time__c = opp.Planning_Committee_Date_Time__c
con.Previous_contact__c = opp.Previous_contact__c
con.Referersemail__c = opp.Referersemail__c
con.Region__c = opp.Region__c
con.Relevant_Work__c = opp.Relevant_Work__c
con.Sales_Notes__c = opp.Sales_Notes__c
con.Sector__c = opp.Sector__c
con.Is_there_a_URL_where_you_found_this_lead__c = opp.Is_there_a_URL_where_you_found_this_lead__c
conrtlist .add(con );
if(conrtlist.size() > 0){
insert conrtlist ;





You need to write a test class for this and then you can deplpoy it to prod using a change set.
go to Setup>Appsetup >Deploy >Outbound Change Sets

Dear Rahul,


Would you be able to help me do this?  I'm a complete newbie and have been fighting my way around the instructions as to how to do this without success.


I should be so grateful if you would.  


Best regards,




Hi Alex,


I hate to be the bad guy here, but I really think you should hire a developer that can help you with this project. I'm not saying that it's impossible to get help here, but I don't think you should expect the forum here to guide you through an entire project. Sorry :(

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