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Automatically Changing Opportunity Owner

Hi - I'm working in Professional Edition and am having a issue with Opportunity Owners getting changed to match the Account Owner.  I work in a multi-channel environment where more than one owner works on an Account along with multiple opportunity owners.  Is there a way to be able to change the Account Owner field without disrupting the Opportunity Owners?


When the Account Owner is changed, the only automatic change on Opportunities is that open Opportunities owned by the former Account Owner are transferred to the new Account Owner. If there are other open Opportunities on the Account which are owned by users other than the former Account Owner, their ownership does not change unless you check the box next to "Transfer open opportunities not owned by the existing account owner". Also, all closed opportunities will remain in the former owner's name unless you check the box next to "Transfer closed opportunities".


You can use sharing rules to share the account or opportunity records with multiple users rather than changing account and opportunity owners.


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