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System.CalloutException: IO Exception: Read timed out

I have created a trigger which is calling an external web service to synchronize the leads creation/deletion process. When i delete/create leads the web service is working fine but when i mass upload it(mass import process..) or mass delete process (when it reaches its max limit..i.e. 250) it throws an exception and an error mail is generated with this error "System.CalloutException: IO Exception: Read timed out" error. I have also added the timeout_x property in my code to the max value(60000). But still its throwing the same error. Kindly help. Thanks in advance. Shaveta
Can you debug the external web service to see how long it is taking the bulk operation? Is it taking longer than 60 seconds?
yes its taking more than 60 secs as my webservice is inserting/updating records one by one in my local database.
Well, that is why your apex callout is timing out. It has a max of 60 seconds. Can you enhance the web service performance on your side? Otherwise, make it asynchronous so the apex callout doesn't have to wait?
The callout is asynchronous (as i have used @future(callout=true) in my apex class). So why it is waiting for the response from the web service?? Also, i am trying to enhance the web service at my end. But is it possible to increase the timout from apex? Also i have found the max timeout for combined apex calls is 120 sec.. how to use this max value..? Thanks Shaveta

I was referring to your side of the webservice being asynchronous - so the apex callout doesn't have to wait more than 60 seconds for the processing to complete. By using the @future, it just creates an asynchronous apex transaction seperate from the transaction that invoked the @future method to begin with (ie trigger). Additionally, the http request within that apex transaction is synchronous. In other words, its waiting for a response from your side. And if your side takes more than 60 seconds, you will receive the exception. A single apex callout (http request) can not exceed 60 seconds. The 120 second combined limit is if your apex transaction has multiple callouts, the total response time can not exceed 120 seconds for all callouts.



Thanks aalbert! The issue has been resolved!


I am also gettign the same error.

So, please some one tell me how it got resolved?


I am also having the same issue . Could you please post your solution ?


I am also facing the same problem. While calling webservice from apex it is showing the error.


Here is the .Net Web Service code which returns just "Hello World" String:-


    public class Service1 : System.Web.Services.WebService
        public string HelloWorld()
            return "Hello World";



Now I tried to call this using APEX as follows: -


global class HelloWorld

    webService static String sampleCSharpWebServiceCall()
        String retVal;
        TestWebServiceForAPEX.Service1Soap csService = new TestWebServiceForAPEX.Service1Soap();
        csService.timeout_x = 90000;
        retVal = csService.HelloWorld();
        return retVal;




Now I generated wsdl and used it in another .Net Web Application on code behind of button click I am calling APEX Method which will in turn call other WebService written in .Net


        protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
                SforceService sfs = new SforceService();
                sfs.Timeout = 90000;

                LoginResult lr = sfs.login("username", "passwordtoken");

                HelloWorldService hws = new HelloWorldService();
                hws.Timeout = 90000;
                hws.SessionHeaderValue = new TestWebCSharpWebService.SessionHeader();
                hws.SessionHeaderValue.sessionId = lr.sessionId;

                TextBox1.Text = hws.sampleCSharpWebServiceCall();

            catch (SoapException ex)
                TextBox1.Text = ex.Message;



But it is showing following error:-


System.CalloutException: IO Exception: Read timed out
Class.TestWebServiceForAPEX.Service1Soap.HelloWorld: line 28, column 13
Class.HelloWorld.sampleCSharpWebServiceCall: line 33, column 15
External entry point


@ All


I have seen this issue in the past.

If there is any firewall that is blocking the External webservice from being exposed to Salesforce when SFDC tries to hit the Webservice endpoint then the  System.CalloutException: IO Exception: may occur.


Easy way to test if the webservice is exposed :


Try accessing the endpoint SFDC Trigger/Class is trying to hit from your home network or any network than the work network. If it does not time out then it accessible to the external system.


The webservice has to exposed globally to salesforce.


Hope this helps




jus got the same issue here!

shud i ask my client end to check for it? 



Hi  Albert,


jus got the same issue here!

 can u just me out with it?




Thanx in advance




Hi Nikki,


i just got the same issue can u help me out  with it!








I just got the same issue calling an external web service.


IO Exception: Read timed out


All the best,




Hi, Even i am getting same exception when i am trying to access the external webservice.


let me know the solution ,if any 1 has


thanks ..


Hi Niki,


Could you please let me know the  solution please if you have .


i am trying to integrate salesforce with the Sharepoint I am sending the HTTP req(SOAP) call to the webservice .


which leads to readtimeout exception


In batch class processing i am getting



IO Exception: Read timed out  , can you help me 


Same here.. if any one knows the solution to this please post.

Same Error! Solution please. I have set the timeout to max (100000), but still no response.
Christopher D. EmersonChristopher D. Emerson
Same here (2019) - anyone ever find a solution? My timeout is at the max (120000) but no matter how many records I put into the scope at once I get this "System.CalloutException: Read timed out" error.