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Classic ASP and Salesforce

I searched and found several threads on using the COM object "SForceOfficeToolkit.SForceSession" to access salesforce from ASP but when I try to create this object I get an error as if the COM were not installed.  I have installed the Office Toolkit but it makes no difference.  Do I have the COM name wrong?  do I need a different installation package? ( I installed SForce_Office_Toolkit_MSI and sforce_connect_616 )

Are you using ASP .net or ASP classic?

What is the line that is failing and what is the error message?

I'm using Classic ASP, thus the subject line ;)
This is the failure:
set sfApi = Server.CreateObject("SForceOfficeToolkit.SForceSession")
the error is:
Server object error 'ASP 0177 : 800401f3'

Server.CreateObject Failed

Thanks for taking the time to help.


Heh, I really should read more before I talk.


      dim fh

      set fh = Server.CreateObject(

That's exactly what I needed.  Thanks!
How do i make use of the constants in SError enumeration?

Why doesn't the CreateObject method work in WSF files. I am getting the following error.

Microsoft VBScript runtime error: ActiveX component can't create object: 'SForceOfficeToolkitLib3.SForceSession3.1'


Here is my code:


Dim sfdcSession
Set sfdcSession = CreateObject("SForceOfficeToolkitLib3.SForceSession3.1")

Dim isLoggedIn
isLoggedIn = sfdcSession.Login("[username]","[password]")

WScript.StdOut.Write isLoggedIn