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Case Management For Internal Salesforce users

Is it ok to use Salesforce case management to support your own internal users. I notice that the contacts field must stay on the page even though it is not required but it seems to be driven from an external customer/contact perspective!

Has anyone set it up for there own user support and do you have any best practices and hard road experience that you would not mind sharing?

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My mistake, missed to mention Visualforce page. Through UI we won't be able to remove contact name from page layout.

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Hi Tom,


Yes you can use it for your internal users. If you don't want contact field, then create a custom page layout for cases without conact field->assign it to a record type say 'Internal cases' and while creating cases for internal users choose this record type. Access on the record type can be handle with profiles.


I had started all that and tested using a queue and it all wored but I started second guess if it would be a good practice to use cases to support SF users. The contact field is required to be on the page as I tried to drag it off when editing the page layout and SF won't allow it along with some other fields.

Another strange issue is that the email never went out like it should unless set the page prosperity 'Case Assignment Checkbox' had the 'show on edit page' checked even though I had the 'select by default' also checked. To me this is not good because a use could uncheck it on the page and that would not allow the assignment to the queue to occur.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Hi Tom,


On standard case page layout we can not remove Contact Name field, i am suggesting you to create a custom page layout on case and there you can avoid this field.


I did do a save as on the original page and that new page will not allow the contact field to be removed or do you mean a visualforce page?

My mistake, missed to mention Visualforce page. Through UI we won't be able to remove contact name from page layout.

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Sander StulemeijerSander Stulemeijer
You can move the contact somewhere in the system information and hide it for all users, even admins, by setting the field level security.
Steven Buelow 10Steven Buelow 10
As of 2014, even if the contact field is visible and the system prompts you to have a value in it, you can still save the record and ignore the contact field. Interestingly enough, I'd gone to the effort to remove it and realized it was actually beneficial to have on the screen in a lower, and less visible, area. Tons of internal cases can benefit from a client or account reference... assuming no emails are going out to the contact or contact account.
Nik RentasNik Rentas
I have setup cases for internal use.  Have my page layout, record type and custom fields laid out.  No issues, except for case comments.

Right now cases are assigned to me by the sales and marketing teams.  I want to be able to comment on the case and have that comment email to the user that created the case or submitted the case to me.

I get this error - Error: No contact associated with this case.

Of course there is no contact associated with the case!  The case is not attached to a contact?

Am I missing something here?  Should i make a dummy corporate account with myself as the contact?

Nik- You can solve this in process builder.

Object- case comment Fires- only when record is created where casecomment not equal to " " Then Fire email alert. within the email alert merge the most recent case comment. 


Troy CenterTroy Center
We use contacts for internal case management. Our own company is an account and all our users have contact records. Mainly this is just so we can maintain cases with email communication to the end user. It's not really hard to maintain a contact record for a user...