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Update Custom Object using API from external web application

I have created a new custom Object called  "Projects". I would like to update/create/insert new records from a seperate web application to Projects object in SalesForce.
This scenario is similar to "Web - to-lead" case. .
Typically I will have a webpage(form) hosted in a our website and the users will fill the form and submit it.
Then I should be able to capture the data from the form and update it into the Project object(table) in Salesforce and should be able to also view the user input data in sales force appication
I do not know if it  is possible as I have created a custom object and not using the existing object "lead"
Your help is highly appreciated. 

Hi Meena,

It is defenitely possible.Which edition of salesforce you are using that is very important to address your question.

Thanks & Regards

P Suchitra





Hi Suchitra,

Thanks for your response. I am using the Enterprise edition. Can you please share with me some examples if you have any.







Can you update a custom object with an enterprise license?
Hi ,

Yes we can do that.

Thanks & Regards,
P Suchitra 

Do we need a MetaData .WSDL for updating the custom objects? if yes where can we get the mata data .wsdl, i check the sales force account under Setup | Integrate | Apex API cant find a meta data .wsdl.

if you guys have any sample code related to custom object update from a web application, please provide,

your help is appreciated .



Take a look at the quickstarts, updating a custom object is just like updating any other standard object like account, contact etc.

foo__c c = new foo__c();
c.Id = "someId";
c.Name = "New Name";
c.Rating = "Gold Star";
SaveResult [] sr = binding.update(new sObject[] {c});
if (sr[0].isSuccess) {
} else {
 Console.WriteLine("Boo " + sr[0].errors[0].message);


Thanks for your reply simon,

i am new to salesforce so the problem. what i am trying to achieve is:

we have a "customer survey results" custom object under our contacts. i created a web page with some some survey questions, i need to send these answers into "customer survey results" under contact in sales force.

1)should there be a "record" under "customer survey results" to update the answers

2)can we create a record under that custom object using our web application.

3)If update works fine, what do we map that particular custom object under a particular contact.



I would suggest you start by walking through the quick start, I'm sure it'll answer a lot of your questions.