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sri srisri sri 

How to login to salesforce account



We have different salesforce.com editions. How can we create different edition accounts.


Is there different websites to create an account in different editions.


How can we login to different editions.



Thank you



I guess you want to know how to log in to different sandbox in SFDC. for that you need to go to test.salesforce.com and then enter your username and password for that particular sandbox. There are two different type of URL for SFDC. 1) Production login.salesforce.com and 2) Sandbox test.salesforce.com. You need to know your username and password for a particular Organization it doesnot matter what edition you are in but yes you need to know if it is a sandbox or Production to login.


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sri srisri sri

thank you for your info


suppose if i want to create an enterprise, professional edition account. For this is there different URL's are there ?


Thank you

Suresh RaghuramSuresh Raghuram

I dont think there will be differnt urls based on edition.


URL will be different based on the production or sandbox only.


based on the editions features provided to that particular edition by the salesforce will vary.


goto login.salesforce.com if PRODUCTION org


test.salesforce.com if Sandbox


then enter user name and password


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Tejpal KumawatTejpal Kumawat



You Should Need to login on


For Sandbox Org : https://test.salesforce.com - Put Your Credentials

For Developer or Production Org : https://login.salesforce.com -  Put Your Credentials


If there are your org does not contains Your Network IP address in 'Network Access' then you should also Need to 'Email me verification code' for first time login. That Code will be got by Login -> Put credentials -> Click on 'Email me verification ' -> Check the Email From which You are login :)