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Customize Global Search in Salesforce



I have created a service cloud console app. By default, Global search is enabled for the Particular app. Thorugh the Service cloud console 'Global Search', A user can view all the cases, eventhogh the not having privileges to see the cases in Profile. I need the following to be done, A user should not see the cases which are not related to his/her. If user is not enabled for a particular record type 'A' in his Profile, user should not see the case which are under the record type 'A' through Global search. 


Please help me to find a solution.


Thanks in advance







In Your Console app -->

Click on Search Button then  you will see OPTIONS in left hand side. Then Check  Limit to items I own.


Then Refresh your console app and search records, you will see only your records which is related to you.


After that if you want to Remove Limit to items I own from console app go to customize-->search-->search setting-->uncheck Enable "Limit to Items I Own" Search Checkbox


Hope this may helps you...!

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Arunkumar.R | Salesforce Certified Developer



Hi Vin,


From what I understand after going through the issue description is that you wish users to be able to see only cases which they have access to.


Global search populates only those result records which the user has access to.


What is your ORG wide default set for for Cases? Is it Public Read only or Private? 

Do these users have correct record type access on their Profiles?


Hi Sonam,


ORG wide default set for for Cases is Private and user have correct record type access on profile.





Hey Vin, Would you mind if I login to your ORG to check the setup:


If that is OK with you, please provide me the following details to further troubleshoot:



3)Grant login access for 7 days to Salesforce Support

4)name of the console

5)Any particular user(provide username) who should not be seeing any sample case(case number) 

Kripa Sindhu SinghKripa Sindhu Singh
Hi every one,

I want to search a number field in a XLSX file stored in the chatter files but the global search is not able to perform this, whether i am able to search text and alphanumneric field sets in the same XLS, can any budy help