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Data replication and user information in ActiveSalesforce?

I'm considering Rails for an app that will sync with a relational database. Are the data replication methods getUpdated and getDeleted available through ActiveSalesforce? Is getUserInfo, or some equivalent,
available through ActiveSalesforce?

Thanks in advance
Gareth DaviesGareth Davies

have a look at DBAmp by Bill Emmerson, might save you some time.


Doug ChasmanDoug Chasman
ASF 0.6.0 contains support for get_updated() and get_deleted(), e.g.:

Account.connection.get_deleted("Account", "2006-06-01T23:00:01Z", "2006-07-01T23:00:01Z")
Account.connection.get_updated("Account", "2006-06-01T23:00:01Z", "2006-07-01T23:00:01Z")

each return an array of ids for the updated or deleted objects.

There is currently no equivalent to getUserInfo() exposed in ASF - can you provide a bit more detail about why you need/want this? Thx!
Doug ChasmanDoug Chasman
Unless I am missing something about DBAmp it looks to be specific to SQLServer as the RDBMS and is not related to Rails/Ruby in any way...
Which relational database ?


Thanks for the information about Object.connection.get_deleted/updated,
and for building it.

I need
getUserInfo() in ASF because I'm building a composite app that will go
on Appexchange to be used by many Salesforce users. The Rails application
will not only synchronize data with the app, but also keep track of what Salesforce
users are using it. Calling getUserInfo via ASF would provide a convenient way to
do that.

As I typed that explanation, it occurred to me that I could call getUserInfo from an
Scontrol and pass the Salesforce user information I need back to the Rails application.
I'd rather avoid building an Scontrol solely for that purpose, but may be using one when
I need the Salesforce user information anyway. I can see other developers building
composite apps with a Rails peer needing it as well.

So I need the replication methods a lot more than I need getUserInfo for the Rails application.
Thanks again for providing them!
Bill, most likely we'll use MySQL.
Doug ChasmanDoug Chasman
activesalesforce-0.6.2.gem now has support for getUserInfo() :-)



user_info = Contact.connection.get_user_info()
puts user_info.userFullName

NOTE: Unlike ASF managed models column/field names are not converted to Ruby-esque underscore notation.

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Thanks for exposing getUserinfo through ActiveSalesforce.
I'd like to buy you your favorite beverage when I'm in San Francisco!