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New to Salesforce.com? Let us help with your development

Check us out at http://axlea.com. We allow you to hire our talented developers to developing your Salesforce.com and Force.com needs.


Need a project or special assignment done but don' thave the budget to hire on a new developer? We're the answer! Just hire one of our developers for that project and once you're finished, you get to keep the codes and don't have to deal with an employee without having tasks for him/her.


Further questions? Feel free to contact me. 



Vana Moua
Senior Consultant
email: vana@axlea.com
Skype: vana2.bxily
Skype #: (559) 761-0588
Office #: (877) 673-7059

Vana MouaSenior Consultantemail: vana@axlea.comWebsite: http://axlea.comSkype #: (559) 761-0588Office #: (877) 673-7059