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We have a Problem with an Installed Managed Package... Any suggestions?

Hello, we have a managed package that has been installed into about 40 customer Salesforce accounts.

One of the fields in a custom object has been set up with the Unique constraint.   This was a mistake and we find that we need to remove that constraint.

As near as we can see, if you go back to the DE account where the package was created, you are not allowed to change that option.   And, there is no way to change that option in the customer accounts where the package has been installed.

Is there any way around this?

Clearly we could change our code to do something different, however that too would require changes to the Managed Package.

Clearly we could create a new DE, and a new Managed Package done *without* that constraint, but a) that's a pain, and b) it doesn't help our current customers.

I'm looking for something other than the obvious ones above.  Backdoors, etc.  I've filed a support question with this as well.

Thanks, Steve.

p.s. One thought was for future customers to create a package with the custom object with just the one field set up as non-unique.  If a user installs that, and then installs the current package on top of it, that would give us what we want, but I don't know if the conflict resolution done when installing a new package is granular enough to allow the rest of the install to proceed even if that one particular field can't be installed.  ?

Followup thought... We can understand why you wouldn't allow a non-unique field to be changed to unique, but it seems that going the other way, relaxing the constraint, should be a legal thing to do.   Does that warrant an Idea, or is it too obscure.  :-)
Thx, -S