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Salesforce Google Gadget

I want to create a Google Gadget for Salesforce.com. Still I am very
new to Google Gadgets. Kindly post me if you have any example(source
code) of Salesforce.com Gadget. That will be helpful for me to create
Google Gadgets. Please post the Gadget that have been developed for
Salesforce.com only.

Thanks in advance,
Ron HessRon Hess
it's really a kit, in source form.
read the google gadget documentation, then review this article
Hi Ron,

Thanks for replying on Google Gadgets. I have gone through the links that you have sent me. I got an overview about Google Gadgets. But not in much details. If you can post me any Salesforce gadget(sample code), that will be more helpful for me.

Thanks again for your reply.