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What is Salesforce IP address range?

I am writing some APEX callouts to call webservice on our company network,  I want to restrict access to these webservice only allow the Salesforce IP address, but I can't find the IP address ranges I should use.  Can anyone help me?
Ron HessRon Hess
from online help
search for ip whitelist moved from an IP address block sub-allocated by an ISP to a new address block allocated directly to by the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN). strives to provide our customers with the best service possible. The MirrorForce data centers installations on the East and West Coast provide near real-time data replication and failover. Direct IP allocations make that possible.

In addition, direct IP allocations provide for:

-ISP Peering: The ability to select diverse peering to avoid congested networks.

-ISP Redundancy: The ability to easily expand beyond two network carriers

-IP Stability: The ability to maintain the same IP addresses with different network carriers.

The IP address spaces are as follows: East Coast Data Center (set one) East Coast Data Center (set two) West Coast Data Center (set one) West Coast Data Center (set two)

To clarify, the "0/25" that you see in the ranges does not refer to "0 - 25" or 26 IP addresses. It is network administration nomenclature which refers to the range of IP addresses from "0 - 127", so there is a total of 512 IP addresses.

What are the address ranges for Europe?









Thank you very much for posting this, we have been looking for this info for a while, in order to see which IP addresses to open in our firewall.  On that note, shouldn't this be posted somewhere publically?  I am sure that there are many cirucmstances in which this info is needed. 

As Ron noted, its in the online help.
Yes, I just saw that, apologies!
Ron - would be good if we could get the IP whitelist for Europe as well please? Can't seem to find it in the online help or anywhere else.
Second the request for updated IP whitelist.  I'm seeing urls that resolve to ips not included in the ranges outlined on the help page. and resolve to and, respectively.

Please see the updated IP blocks from (a salesforce login is required)


Currently the IP address spaces are as follows: East Coast Data Center (set one) East Coast Data Center (set two)  MidWest Data Centers  MidWest Data Centers West Coast Data Center (set one) West Coast Data Center (set two) Singapore Data Center


I have seen this list that you are providing in a number of place including which is a knowlegde article: East Coast Data Center (set one) East Coast Data Center (set two)  MidWest Data Centers

MidWest Data Centers West Coast Data Center (set one) West Coast Data Center (set two)  Japan Data Center


However when we ping to the url of the webservice ( we see replies from addresses not on this list like or


Could someone explain that for me please.  Thx!


The specific IP addresses you mentioned are in fact within the ranges on the list. What makes things less obvious is the /23, which is two sequential /24 addresses.


The linked article ( summarises this relatively uncommon (and entirely valid) representation. is within the range as it is a combination of and is within the range ( and when subdivided).


Below text was taken verbatim from the article:

To clarify, the "0/24" that you see in the ranges refers to an abbreviated form of Classless Inter-domain routing (CIDR) notation. In essence this notation is a network number followed by a "/" and a number , the latter number indicates the number of 1's (starting a the left most bit i.e MSB - most significant bit) in the subnet mask i.e the number of bits relevant to a network portion of the IP address. So "/25" means 25 bits constitute the subnet mask of, and really 25 bits reserved for network address which is identified by performing bitwise "AND" to the full network number.

For example represents a Class C network in the form of to containing a possible 256 IP addresses and a total 254 hosts or IP addresses per specified range.

/22 is 1024 addresses (4 class C ranges)

/23 is 512 addresses (2 class C ranges)



for the record, the link in the older post in this thread is broken. Use the newer one instead.

Hi Ron and others, We have webservice hosted on the company server and we are calling it from Salesfore.In order to ensure that only Salesforce can access web service we are planing to configure IP addresses on the firewall on the company's network .Do we need to install those IP addresses in Salesforce as well or only on the server hosting web service. Thanks, Trick
SFDC HedgehogSFDC Hedgehog

Can someone please post the IP address ranges of the sandboxes, too?


Dennis NoordzijDennis Noordzij
@Salesforce, please provide a decent JSON or XML endpoint with these ranges, like AWS does: