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how to create cross-object formula fields from opportunity back into leads, after lead is converted

This refers to case: 03723681


I want to create custom fields that are linked between Leads and Opportunities. I can easily create a field in Leads and Map it to custom field in Opportunities. Then the value entered as a Lead will be carried into the Opportunities. But if i later change the value once it is an Opportunity, and then run a report on Leads, the value of that field will still be the value that appeared when the Lead was converted.

How do i make it so that, when i change this field as an Opportunity, it is mapped back to the Lead value.

In other words, to Map these custom fields in BOTH directions (from Lead to Opp AND from Opp back to Lead).


For example, i created a field called Lead SOurce Detail. I created it in Leads and mapped it to customer field in Opportuntiies, also called Lead Source Detail. THen i have a report called "Leads by LEad SOurce" in which i show ALL leads, whether converted or not, and what the Lead SOurce DEtail is. However if i change the Lead Source Detail on a converted lead, and run this report, it still shows the old value of Lead Source Detail, i.e. the value that existed when I converted the lead. Rather, i want the report to show the new value that i entered when it was already a converted lead.


Apparently this can be done via Formula field. But i am a clueless sales guy who hasn't programmed anything since senior year of college. Is this something that i need a PhD for or can a mere mortal do it?


Once a Lead become converted to Account, Contact and Opportunity it will become read only record. You will not be able to edit it anymore. You can just read the record in Report.


Is it possible in Apex, to get a handle on the originating Lead from the Opportunity?  (going from Oppty to Lead).


There are no properties in the Oppty class that can point me back to the original Lead.