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Is it possible to make custom Opportunity Fields appear only when a certain picklist choice is made?

My company has a very cluttered Opportunity page.  We have one type of service that requires a bunch of additional information that is quire different from the general opportunity.  Can we set up some relationship whereby these additional fields are not shown unless the user selects thsi specific 'service' from the main opportunity type picklist?
I'm a newbie but we've done something similar.  I created a dependency between one field to another.  If item 'X' is selected in the picklist - then a secondary picklist field becomes active.
Yes, but how did you do it, if it was successful?  I'm trying to do something very similar and cannot figure it out.
Harry JamesHarry James
I don't know any way of making certain fields non-visible based on choices in other fields.  If some of your services have a different sales process and data requirements, you should look into using different Sales Processes and Record Types.
I agree with Harry James that the easiest way to do it is using Record Types on the opportunity.  You can associate different page layouts with different Record Types so create a new page layout for your special service and add all the additional fields on that layout.  You can then remove the unnecessary fields from your normal layout.
If you need help doing it or would like someone to help review your sales processes let me know.  My company, Riptide Software, is a consulting company and one of our specialities is implementation, configuration and customization.  To learn more visit our Consulting Services page on our website.
Steve Wasula
VP of Product Management

To use record types you need Enterprise or Unlimited Edition. 

Under Setup...Customize...Opportunities create two page layouts (let's call one Simple and the other Complicated). Then create two record types, one called Simple and the other Complicated.  As you create the Simple record type associate it with the Simple page layout.  Do the same for the Complicated record type.

If you've already created the extra fields, add them to the Complicated page layout.  If not, when you create new fields, you'll be given a choice of which page layout to add them.  You'll also have a choice of which user profile can see a record type. When you select a recordtype from Setup...Customize...Opportunity... Record Type, you'll be able to edit your picklists to show different values for different record types. 

Don't forget to activate your picklists.  Once a record type has been created and assigned to a profile(s) the only way to add it to other profiles is to update the actual profile record.  Don't try this on your production version first, sign up for a Developer account and practice.



Well, since I had to break down and upgrade to the Enterprise Edition for other capabilities, I've started experimenting with Record Types to do this.  It seems to be working to do mostly what I want, although I'm just getting started.  Originally I had hoped to do this without EE, but since I had to upgrade anyway...