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How is License Management Implemented?

I wanted to know does Salesforce enable user license managent, for e.g. if i want to sell a 5 user license to any customer, how would I enforce that the app is installed only 5 times and only by the said customer only???
Is there any detailed description regarding this on Apex Wiki?
Thanks in advance...
I guess you should try to contact them directly.
We've been using some other software for a while which we've been quite happy with: LM-X License Manager from
It might be worth looking into as an alternative.
Good Luck!

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I am the Product Manager for Licensing Functionality at We are working on a feature that is going to allow Partners to control how many users in the customer org can access the App, and for what duration. Once the partner specifies these numbers (the partner can modify this from time to time), we will have the enforcement logic to ensure that these licensing terms are enforced in the customer org. If a Partner wants customer X to have only 4 licenses of his App, the customer org sys admin can grant license to only 4 users in his org (the other users cannot access the App). The Partner can manage this throughout the term of his relationship with the customer. This functionality is expected to be rolled out sometime late this year or early next year.

Dileep Burki
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It looks like there is a mistake in my last post. The correct is obviously:
Thanks a lot for your help Poul !!!:smileyhappy:
Dileep, thanks a lot for such a detailed description. When would this feature be available to Salesforce users?
This feature is in development. It is expected to be rolled out sometime late this year or early next year.
Dear Dillep...Thanks for your reply.
I have one more question for you....
How are upgrades and next version releases for an app to be handled?
For example how is a upgrade (that fixes just some bugs without adding or deleting tables, controls etc) and a next version release (introduces new functionality like tables, controls etc) going to be handled at mine and the customers end?
Would just making my app a managed one, enable the users to install the upgrade and the next version onto the previous release? Or are these two going to be handled differently?
What about the certification fee for the upgrade and the next version release?
Thanks in advance....
If you have a manged package you can upload a new version of your package and your subscribers can upgrade.  You have the option of making that upgrade available either via a private or public listing. 
Is there any progress on the upgraded License Manager? A release date? The features you describe would help us a lot.
I am the Product Manager of LMA functionality at

In Summer'08, we plan to release the next version of LMA that will allow developers of managed packages to do the following:
  • Go to AppExchange and specify defaults for their license - how many users can use the app, for how long
  • Use LMA 2.0 (this is currently planned to be released towards the end of June) to select a license record associated with a customer who has installed the managed package and specify the number of users in the customer org who can access your package, and for what duration
We have also built UI to allow a customer org sys admin to grant / revoke licenses to your package to a set of users in their org.
We have enforced licenses on a subset of components that are package-able. These include Custom Apps, Tabs, Objects, Apex Code, Apex Triggers, etc.

On 5/29, I held a webinar with Salesforce Partners to discuss this functionality.

If you have any questions, email me at



I am not able to track DOT created orgs through LMA so please let me know how to track DOT created orgs.


1.     Check to see if a lead/license is created in LMA when you signup a new trial org from your Trialforce DOT. If it is NOT happening, do the following:

2.     Install the package in the source DOT org. Before installing, check to see that the package version has been registered on AppEx and that proper default values have been specified for the license.

3.     After installing, verify that you received the lead/license in LMA.

4.     Re-export the DOT and redo (1)


See if you haven’t already done so.