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Date formula for custom object



We have a custom object built for our membership applications system. The applications for different levels of membership Accredited or Supervisor. When approved the membership lasts for 5 years from the date of approval. We have a system that already calculates the date of the new renewal for each membership type using the roll up summary fields.


However there is now a new set of membership applications that need to be integrated, and they relate to the existing two types of application (eg Inactive Accredited applications and Inactive Supervisor applications). A member can apply for inactive membership for a couple of years. If granted this then extends the renewal date by a couple of years. Creating the record type is not a problem, but I haven't got anywhere with a suitable formula for calculating the latest renewal date for a membership type based on the latest application and the relevant Inactive applications. 


If anyone has any thoughts it would be a great help. I appreciate that there may be some more questions needing to be asked based upon the above.


Many thanks in advance




Are you looking for a way to update the renewal date based off "Granted Inactive Membership"? 


When you say you, "already have a system" and "membership applications need to be integrated" do you mean you have another system you are integrating this information or do you just need to import records? Right now you calculation for renewal date is a Roll-Up Summary - can you explain that more? Is that the field you want to update?


To update a date field you should be able to use workflow based on criteria of granted inactive membership. You would use a field update to update the date field with your formula, however, you can't update a Roll-Up Summary.






Hi Jared


Thanks for asking the helpful questions. The system we already have in place is a custom object, so there is no external system to link to. Each application is a new record in the custom object and there are different record types for the different types of applications.


You re correct in that the Roll-Up Summary field on the Contacts record is that one that I had wanted to be updated to reflect the correct application renewal date once these new applications types are added. It doesn't have to be a Roll-Up Summary is there is a simpler way, it's just that was what is currently in place and that works for us.


I was hoping that I could fine a way that could keep the date accurate in a 'living way' rather than just automated updates. This is just in case an application is 'approved' by mistake which would then update the date field and have a workflow to sort this, or for manual updating.


I guess I should look more at the workflow. I was hoping for some formulaic magic!