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Bug with Formula

I have a formula
case(Case_pack_status2__c ,"Expired", (End_Date__c - Start_Date__c)/30.41 , (today() - Start_Date__c)/30.41)
Compiled size: 1.755 characters
I modify it replacing  Case_pack_status2__c by Case_pack_status__c both formula fields same size 1633
case(Case_pack_status__c ,"Expired", (End_Date__c - Start_Date__c)/30.41 , (today() - Start_Date__c)/30.41)
Compiled size: 1.787
So normally I should have the same size for both and not 1755 and 1787
but the issue is when I want to save it I get an error message
Compiled formula is too big to execute (8.918 characters).
So I create a new field with the same formula (copy and paste) and I can save it.
My issue is this field is used in Workflow time based and in other formula fields and I just want to modify it.
At the end of october I had the same issue with another formula field and some days ago I could modify and save it, quite strange.
did you have the same issue? Is it a bug?
Thanks for you answer and feedback

Message Edited by xpat on 12-06-2008 12:08 AM

Sometimes I've copied and pasted other bits a formula into a new one, and for some reason, the compiled size goes crazy.

Try pasting the formula into a word document to find out exactly how many characters are being used.

Then paste it into a text doc and then past it back into your SF Formula field.  This is a non-thinker, but it works for me, and certainly harms nothing.


I tried but didn't work for me :(

All my formula created in July have this bug. it a nightmare and SFDC just said create new fields, but these fields are used in workflow and I will need to redo all the process.



Message Edited by xpat on 12-06-2008 12:11 AM