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require a contact be identified for an opportunity

I need to figure out a way to make my team identify a primary contact for their opportunities once they reach a certain stage. Early stage opps will not require them because they are too early in the sales cycle.


But once they get to Stage 3 or higher, I want to require them. They have to be present so that when we generate the sales order form, it knows which contact to indicate on the form. Some of my reps are adding the contact manually on the form after it is generated - but that means there is no one identified on the Opp in SFDC, which is where it should be.


Any ideas?






SteveMo suggested this for a similar question a few weeks back - looks like it would work here, too!


Jake and Steve,


I am just a little fuzzy (or thick skulled) on this because I don't see where this tells the system to check and see if there is a primary contact identified. Can you  give me a little more guidance?  How does this check for the Primary Contact?


Here is my formula:



CASE( StageName , "2. Referred to Partner",1,
"3. Accepted by Partner",1,
"3. Validated by Decision Maker",1,
"4. Proposal Submitted",1,
"5. On-site presentations/demos",1,
"6. Reference/OSI Corporate site visits",1,
"7. Business Issues/Terms resolved",1,
"8. Committee recommends OSI",1,
"9. Contractual Issues / Terms resolved",1,
"10. Decision maker verbal approval",1,
"11. All approvals recvd/close date set",1,
"12. Signed Contract Recvd",1,0)

I haven't used the tool, so I don't know how it works specifically, and there's no reason to think that Steve would be seeing this thread. Sorry!
Will a Validation rule work? e.g. you can prompt an error if the stage equals certain stage(s) and if the Contact field is null.
I think they want the Contact Role related list to have an entry marked as Primary Contact, and since validation rules can't span to a related list, that's not an option.
That is correct Jake - we need to have a Primary Contact identified. I have been working with Steve Mo to get the appexchange applet to work but not having luck with it yet in the Sandbox. Getting installation error messages. Need to play with it abit this weekend when I have the time.

Hey there,


i had a similar requirement and found this neat app on the app exchange for free. It works really well. I just updated the stage names to the ones we use in our org.


hope this helps?

Same app that we've been talking about in this thread - see the link I posted in my first reply.

Just to let you know, this application (in the corrent form) will not run if you have the New Opportunity Save bahavior enabled. This bahaviour is listed as a optional critical update and will cease being optional and auto apply at the end of the year.


The app is technically unsupported but I am hoping they will update the app to work with this new bahavior (we already use the new save behavior in our org)