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Email Alert depending on the picklist option time

Hello all.., 


 I have a picklist called" service status" having options 


1. Order Placed

2. Order Shipped

3. Order Deleiverd



If this service remains in "Order placed" status for 24 hours, send alert. (Only Once)


When this service remains in "Order Shipped" status for 48 hours, send alert.(Only Once)


when serice is "order delivered" ... every 14 days we need to send an email..,(Repeat)


so how to proceed with the things?





Jeff MayJeff May

You could use time dependent Workflow Rules for this.


One Workflow Rule criteria would be Service_Status equals 'Order Placed'


and add a time-dependent Email Alert for 1 day after Rule Trigger date


this same pattern could be used for the other conditions.


FOr order pLaced and order shipped what you said is fine.., but for order delivered , emials should be in repeat mode.., i.e.., for every 14 days email has to be sent.., for that there is no option through configuration i guess in salesforce.., 

Jeff MayJeff May

What do you mean by Repeat?  How often do you want the emails to be sent?


As long as pick list value is "Status Deleiverd" and for every 14 days email has to be sent.., 


and in mean while if any one changes picklist value then email sending should stop... 


GOt it?


Jeff MayJeff May

You can add multiple time-dependent actions to the workflow, so 14 days after, 28 days after, 42 days after, etc.  Presumably at some point, you will want to alert someone else that this is not being processed so maybe you add 56 days after is an Email Alert to the Owners Manager.