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Lead Trigger to update multiple custom objects

I have multiple Lead Remarks that need to get updated when a lead is converted.  Below is my code, however when it triggers, it only updates the first lead remark.  I need it to update all of them.  I am guessing that I need a for loop in here somewhere, but not sure where.



trigger UpdateCustomeObject_Trigger on Lead (before update) {
//This trigger will associate a Custom Object record with the contact and opportunity associated to the
//lead after it has been converted.
//The Custom Object is associated to an opportunity only if an opportunity record exist on the Lead.
    for (Integer i = 0; i <; i++){
        if ([i].IsConverted == true && Trigger.old[i].isConverted == false){
            Set<Id> leadIds = new Set<Id>();
            for (Lead lead :
            Map<Id, Lead_Remark__c> entries = new Map<Id, Lead_Remark__c>([select Contact__c, Lead__c from Lead_Remark__c where lead__c in :leadIds]);       
            if(! {
                for (Lead lead :  {
                    for (Lead_remark__c Lead_Remark : entries.values()) {
                        if (Lead_Remark.Lead__c == lead.Id) {
                            Lead_Remark.contact__c = lead.ConvertedContactId;
                            update Lead_Remark;



Thanks in advance,


Best Answer chosen by Admin (Salesforce Developers) 

Not sure what the issue is - you can probably figure it out by adding System.debug() lines to figure out where the problem is happening (count # records to make sure the query works, then see if the loop works, then the update, etc).


btw-you should take the update out of the loop as you'll run into issues otherwise.  Add the custom object records to a list & then call update once against the whole list outside of the for loop.