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UPS Integration Shipping WSDL import

Hi All,


We have a requirement to integrate UPS with The requirement is to automate below two processes:


         1.  to send the information of confirming shipment and get the shipping label from UPS

         2.  to have the tracking information updated in SF from UPS


 I have researched on it and found below points:


  1. The WSDL provided by UPS cannot be directly consumed in, it throws an error 'Found schema import from location UPSSecurity.xsd. External schema import not supported'.
  2. I am also in touch with UPS to confirm if we can integrate it using HTTP request/response. For it I’ll require their webservice URL on which I can POST data using HTTP callout and get response back in XML. BUT before proceeding in that, I would like to confirm that Can we make HTTP callouts from a trigger or scheduled APEX? As our requirement is to automate the shipping so most probably we’ll be doing HTTP callouts from a trigger (calling Future class) or may be batch Apex. I found the below post on discussion boards related to it which states that there can be some issues:


3. There are some applications on AppExchange like ExactShip (ShipCRM) but those don’t meet the requirements as they are manually driven.

4. There are some third-party products like AIVEA (eShip), who provide webservices to integrate with UPS but their WSDL could not be consumed too (Error: Failed to parse wsdl: Unable to find schema for element; {}schema. None of their clients have earlier integrated their webservices with I am working on integrating their webservices using HTTP request/response but would like to get any detailed documentation on HTTPS callouts (to pass parameters to webservice and parse the XML response). Kindly let me know where I can find details about it.


It would be really great if I can get any help on this.


Thanks !



I have a similar requirement. Was wondering if you had any success and any additional thoughts on this.


Thanks, Dan


Besides our ShipCRM for UPS product, ExactShip also offers its Enterprise Server product which has a universal web services API for processing shipments with virtually any carrier.  ExactShip Enterprise supports parcel carriers (UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS) and on-line access to over 3000 freight carriers.  With our API you can generate shipping labels from Salesforce CRM in a completely automated manner, or queue shipments for manual/semi-automated processing with a human involved in the shipping process.


Our WSDL is currently too large to import as a single Apex class, however we have manually split it into multiple classes and namespaces so that all of its functionality is available as Apex.  We were planning on packaging the Apex API, but the thought of writing the numerous test cases required for 75% coverage was daunting. We can supply with our Apex API class files and some sample test cases upon purchase of an ExactShip license. 


To utilize the API you would need to purchase ExactShip server licenses for development & testing purposes and for actual production use. ExactShip Enterprise can either be hosted on your behalf, or you can purchase for local installation. Local installation is required for high volume production shipping operations or where multi-carrier rate shopping is required. (UPS Online/Developer Kit API functionality is only available hosted and rate-shopping against other carriers is not allowed, per contractual agreement with UPS.)  You must agree to abide by all of our other carrier contractual restrictions as well. Our sales team can give you more information on ExactShip Enterprise pricing. 


Our API also provides access to our Integration services, which allows you to easily & automatically pull Salesforce CRM data into the shipment object or putback data to Salesforce CRM from the shipping object using maps against the Salesforce API. Mapping is sometimes preferred over custom coding, and allows one to easily change how Salesforce data is mapped to/from the shipment object as needs change. 

The ExactShip server license also provides the necessary web user interfaces to manage configuration data such as user & carrier accounts, origins, product definitions, integration mappings, etc. The ShipCRM Administration tab in ShipCRM for UPS has examples of this. 

With the API, you will receive support through our development staff. 


For more WDSL documentation and/or information on the ExactShip Enterprise API, contact Duane at


Also watch for upcoming announcements regarding ExactShip Enterprise integrations with Salesforce CRM order/inventory management packages like Precisio Ascent.


ExactShip's multi-carrier Enterprise Shipping System is now listing on AppExchange:

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Arun Shanmugam 7Arun Shanmugam 7
Hi, I'm having the same requirement. Would want to update the shipping status in Salesforce. Did you guys have any luck?

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@Arun .. you got any solution ?
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