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Deployment and NameSpace Problem

I have a developer instance in which I am building an application for eventual deployment on the AppExchange.  I have elected to use the namespace AQ.  Whenever I create a new trigger, Salesforce automatically sets up the trigger as (Interest__c being the name of the object):


trigger StudentInterestUpsert on StudentInterest__c (before insert, before update) {


trigger InterestUpsert on AQ__Interest__c (before insert, before update) {


I recently setup a developer instance of Salesforce which includes Chatter and I want to move my code to that new instance so my application can start interacting with Chatter.  


I am trying to use the Eclipse IDE to deploy the application, but on all of the triggers that were set up as noted above, I get the following message:  



File Name:    triggers/InterestUpsert.trigger

Full Name:  InterestUpsert

Action:  NO ACTION

Result:  FAILED

Problem: Invalid SObject type name: AQ__Interest__c


If I delete he "AQ__" from the name, it verifies OK for deployment.




What do I do to fix this situation?  Is it OK to delete the namespace from the triggers?  How do I reestablish the namespace in the new Salesforce instance?  Will I be able to use AQ again?


I've noticed that my formulas reference the namespace as well as in "AQ__interest.field__c", but this doesn't seem to bother the deployment (maybe the formulas aren't being deployed).  Should I be concerned about this?


I  would appreciate any suggestions you might have to help me get this right,