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Is Custom Settings 10MB counted as part of the Org Size Limit?

Is Custom Settings 10MB counted as part of the Org Size Limit or is it added on top of the Org Size Limit? The documentation does not state anything regarding it. Thanks
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Treated as a separate bucket

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Treated as a separate bucket
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Approximately how many records, stored in a custom setting, equate to 10 MB? I know a record stored in a custom object counts as 2 KB toward the data storage. That translates to about 5000 records stored in the custom settings, correct? My concern is around a hierarchy custom setting that stores a record for each user in the system. And if there are more than 5000 users, the org will exceed its custom setting storage limit.

How many records, stored as custom settings, equate to 10 MB? How is each record in a custom setting counted?



Your calculations are valid - each record equates to ~2k.  For use cases that require > 5K custom settings - customers can log support tickets to request additional storage.
AFawcett (CODA)AFawcett (CODA)

Hi, a few questions...


- Is the 10MB limit namespace scoped?

- I assume it is 10MB bucket for all custom settings?

- Can the 10MB limit be increased via support tickets as well, if so is there any charge for this?

- I assume if we use SOQL to read the custom settings we will get a query charge yes?



AFawcett (CODA)AFawcett (CODA)

Follow up question, the 300 field limit, if we use all 300, do we still get charged 2k for the purposes of the 10mb limit? So we can have roughly 5000 records by 300 fields, yes?

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