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How to use QueryAll() API call in Apex ???

How  can I use the QueryAll() API call in an Apex Trigger ?

Is this possible ?

Is their any out-of-the-box class that provides an equivalent method to achieve this ???

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all rows only works in apex, it does not work through the web servies api. (which is what those other tools use)

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In my opinion, there is no such method QueryAll in apex. Only 'database.query' exist in dynamic apex.Queryall().


Hope this helps.




But if you use a SOQL query inside of a for loop it will make calls to query() and queryMore() as needed up to the 10,000 row limit imposed by the apex govenor.


Something like:


List<Account> accounts = new List<Account>();

for(Account thisAccount:[SELECT id FROM Account]){




This is as close as you're going to get in apex just due to the 10k row limit.


OK,  my requirement is to get a count of activities ( Tasks and Events) including those which are archived.

As far as I know we may query archived records only using a queryAll() API call,  I can not find any static method that mimics this behavior in Apex and by default archived records are always excluded from a SOQL query point of view.


So I am searching for a method that has the same functionality as queryAll() API call.


I am aware of Query() and QueryMore(), but here I am interested in QueryAll().






add all rows to the query, e.g.


List<Account> acc = [select id,name from account all rows];


Hi Simon,


I had tried this as well but in Force.com IDE and Data Loader (but got the error, ALL ROWS not allowed in this context).

My query looked like this -

Select t.Id, t.AccountId, t.isDeleted, t.isArchived from Task t ALL ROWS

I am currently not having access to my Org due to IP restrictions, may be I would try this in Apex Trigger on monday and let you know the results.


Thanks a lot.


all rows only works in apex, it does not work through the web servies api. (which is what those other tools use)

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Thanks a lot Simon.


Actually I have a habit of running all queries in Force.com IDE first, before using them in Apex.


OK, I have one more query and I guess your opinion might be useful on that.


Actually I was seeing more tasks in GUI than in SFDC schema's Task table. So I raised a case with SFDC for this and the support personnel got back to me that actually I am also seeing the archived tasks in GUI, and my doubt is "How can I view archived tasks in GUI ?" I guess they are not visible their. I wrote back to the support person but didn't receive any reply.


Here I am not using the View All button, neither is my page overridden, it's simple standard SFDC Account detail page's related list. Also I am not seeing the Print layout, it's just the normal related list that appears by default.


Would appreciate your opinion on the same.


Thanks a lot once again, I was really looking to sort this ALL ROWS stuff.

Chirag MehtaChirag Mehta

Tried following options, but I'm not able to get deleted records. I can see deleted records when I query using workbench or eclipse schema. 


List<EntitySubscription> esList = [SELECT id from EntitySubscription where IsDeleted=true ALL ROWS];


List<EntitySubscription> esList = Database.query('SELECT id from EntitySubscription where IsDeleted=true ALL ROWS');