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Retrieve more than 1000 records using soql query.

This might be a silly question but i am unable to fix it.

I have an custom object created in sfdc which has more than 1000 records say 10000 records. But i am able to retrieve only 1000 records above that it is throwing an error , so how to  retrieve the 10000 records using soql query.


 Note: i dont want to apply limit here. I want to retrieve all the records.


Please let me know if any soln for this...




You cannot retrieve more than 10,000 records as that is a strict governor limit. If you are trying to do some processing on top of those records, i would suggest that you look at Apex batch to iterate over a very large number of records.


Shaan - using the following syntax, you can retrieve a max of 10,000 (not 1000) records:



for(Account[] acts : [select id from Account])
    for (Account a : acts)
       ....write your code here

 The only way to process more than 10,000 records is via Batch Apex.



You can retrieve upto 10,000 recods, in batches in 200 (the implicit query more pattern).


                    for (List<Account> accts : [Select id from  account])


                          //The accts list will have 200 records at a time

                         for (Account a : accts)





Binh NgocBinh Ngoc

How about an soql to do that. I need to do that as I need to use PHP code from my website to query data from Salesforce.

Binh NgocBinh Ngoc

I have found it down. Just use queryMore()