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Problem with installing managed package (errors in test methods)

I am trying to install a managed package that I created.  Here is the error from the package instalelr


Apex Classes(01p50000000D7M7)System.NullPointerException: Attempt to de-reference a null object

External entry point;
System.NullPointerException: Attempt to de-reference a null object

External entry point


Here is my test code:

private class TestSuite_UploadSounds {

    static testMethod void testUpload() {
        PageReference pageRef = Page.UploadSounds;

        UploadSounds_ctlr pageCon = new UploadSounds_ctlr();
     static testMethod void testGetSoundFilesPOST() {
        PageReference pageRef = Page.UploadSounds;

        UploadSounds_ctlr pageCon = new UploadSounds_ctlr();
        List<CFSoundfileDialer.SoundFileDescriptionType> CFSoundFileList = new List<CFSoundfileDialer.SoundFileDescriptionType>();
       CFSoundfileDialer.SoundFileDescriptionType soundFile = new CFSoundfileDialer.SoundFileDescriptionType();



I have other packages that use the same method and they install perfectly.


Thank you,





Imran MohammedImran Mohammed

Check your Apex code if any variable is being used before initializing it.
if possible, post the code so that it will be helpful in identifying where the actual issue is.