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David SomekhDavid Somekh 

email sending - strange thing!

Hello All!


When sending email to more than one address





when toMails contains more than one address the people who get the mail are no able to see the whole

"to list".

I know it is not aa big deal but I need they to see the list



I believe that this is part of SFDC functionality, where emails are sent individually to those on the list;  i.e. if there are 2 recipeients, there will be 2 sends (1 to each user) rather than 1 send (to both users).

Rasmus MenckeRasmus Mencke

We do not display both addresses in the email. We send individual emails out. 


Emails servers always breakup emails into individual messages, but to protect the customers email addresses, we send them as individual emails, not exposing the to addresses.