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Trigger or Workflow on EmailMessage Status?

Maybe I'm missing something here, but I can't seem to get a Trigger or Workflow to kick on when looking at the Status field on EmailMessages, specifically looking for "Replied". We'd like to tag the cases with a "First Response" DateTime.


The workflow I set up is a "When created or when edited and didn't previously meet..." and the criteria are Status = Replied AND Case.First Response = null. Apparently when replying, only the newly created EmaiMessage triggers workflow or Apex. Am I missing something here? Is there no way to use system initiated changes to Status on EmailMessages?


*I know could probably just trigger it on the new message creation, but "technically" it really should be on the Replied status, not the Sent in my mind.


You're right, the "Read" flag on EmailMessage does not presently trigger Apex or workflow.