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How to set the client id field when calling APEX Webservice from outside??



I am calling APEX Webservice from .NET to do some updates to the Custom Objects. I am trying to do some API count reports and I see that the client id is blank on the WS calls from .NET. 

Is there a way I can set the client ID to some meaningful value so that I know for fact that the WS i am invoking is causing the API count.


Appreciate your response.


See page 788 of http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/api/apex_api.pdf, under CallOptions header. Basically, using the Service namespace that you created from the WSDL, create a new CallOptions(), then set client to the name you wish your application to display, and finally, assign the CallOptions variable to the CallOptionsValue member of your binding. Example code in C# is provided at the bottom of page 788.