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Trigger Assist - Sample, case updating... (JIRA)

Hello, I am considering using the JIRA - Salesforce connector but one limitation of that product is that updates/comments in SF cases are not automatically pushed to JIRA. They offer a sample Apex Class and trigger here


but it is not valid and I'd like some help getting this working.

Any assistance would be appreciated.




I can try to help you with this.

If possible we can chat over this my skype mail id is mandar19.kulkarni@gmail.com or you can get in touch with me on same email id. So that I can help you with this.


thanks I will contact you soon.

Jeannie KobertJeannie Kobert
Hello JAW99,

I was wondering if you ever implemented pushing a specific comment (single if needed) from SFDC to JIRA? I would also be interested in that funcationality but can't find anyone who had implemented it?