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Including Profile Setting into a package



I am trying to include two custom profile settings into my managed - beta package components. I am unable to do so. When I have added the custom profile setting to the components of the package it says 'N/A' in 'Available in Versions' column next to the two custom profile setting entries.


Are we allowed to include Profile Setting into packages and use them to get installed with the package in other orgs?




Yes, you can package profile settings.  However, if the profile is associated with a Force.com Free Edition license, you CANNOT package them.


Can you clarify how we can identify what license we have? I have a DE org in which i have created a custom profile and it displays in the managed package as 

Profile SettingsUser SelectedN/A

During installation of this managed package, it actually gives an option to associate the standard profile with the custome  profile that i have created which gave me the impression that it knew about the custom profile. But once the installation is done, I dont see this profile anywhere. 

Hope you can lend more clarity on the expected behaviour and how we should go about shipping custom profiles as part of the managed package.




      How to achieve this?


                      I want to add custom profiles(salesforce licence)  unmanaged package when i uploaded package will show profiles in components. But when in install package in other organization profiles will not appear.

am checking my Developer account. Is there any limits for developer account? adding profilesetting to package it will display one note like:


NOTE: Profile Settings include object permissions, field-level security, and layouts, that map to the installer's selected profiles during installation. The profile itself will not be installed.  



any one suggest any idea?


Thank you

David DeanDavid Dean
I have this exact issue, right now. A profile has been included in the Package. During Step 2 of the Package Install, the profile is clearly listed. When installation is done, the profile is not listed. The installation clearly listed it, but it's gone after install. 

Has anyone run into this? I suspect there's some small oversight going on here.

Profiles are indeed included in the package but you can only overlay it into an existing profile in the customer org. Refer to page 44 and 47 of the package guide listed below: 


"Profile settings overwrite existing profiles in the installer’s organization with specific permission and setting changes."
David DeanDavid Dean
Awesome. That explains it. Thanks Joseph!