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Ron WildRon Wild 

Apex Code Coverage Display Bugs?

We're seeing some odd behavior in the Force.com IDE and in the Salesforce UI when viewing apex test coverage results...


In the SF UI, comments, system.debug and even portions of parameters lists are being displayed with a red highlight - indicated no test coverage.


And in the IDE, we're seeing 100% coverage results for all classes ....even though we know that's not the case.


Has anyone else come across this?


- Ron

Ron WildRon Wild

Just spoke with a couple of our partners and found out that this is part of a system wide issue in the new release that SF is working on.




Eclipse has given incorrect tests coverage for as long as I have been doing salesforce dev.  Always run tests from the browser.


It's worked ok for us for years.   Although a couple of releases ago the IDE started jumbling the list of un-exercised lines of code (they used to be listed in line number order).  Then with this release it all went to heck in a hand basket.