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Database query for "near matches"

Hello folks,


I want to allow users to search for contacts and leads in my app using a custom controller. So far I am able to have users search by the contact's email address using the following query syntax:


List<Contact> contacts = [select name from Contact where email=:email];


What I'm wondering is whether if the user enters a partial email address, will this query also return "similar" results? Is there a LIKE condition I can use as there is in standard SQL?


I'm also interested in applying this to user's names - if the user searches for the name "John", i'd like to return all contacts with the first name John.


Will this sort of syntax do what I want? The documentation on doing database queries from Apex hasn't been very clear.



Chamil MadusankaChamil Madusanka



Use following statement.


List<Contact> contacts = [select name from Contact where email LIKE :('%'+email+'%')];

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Rahul SharmaRahul Sharma

I hope you are inputting the email and name from a vf page.

If its the case, then you can do this using dynamic formatting query in database.query :

Just an example to clear:


public pageReference search()
	oplist = new List<opportunity>();
	String strQueryCondition = '';

	if(obj.StartDate__c!= null)
		strQueryCondition += 'StartDate__c = obj.StartDate__c ' ;
	else If(obj.EndDate__c!= null)
			strQueryCondition += 'and EndDate__c = obj.EndDate__c ';
			strQueryCondition += 'EndDate__c = obj.EndDate__c ';
	else If(obj.StageName!= null)
		if(strQueryCondition.contains('StartDate__c') || strQuery.contains('EndDate__c'))
			strQueryCondition += 'and StageName = obj.StageName ';
			strQueryCondition += 'StageName = obj.StageName ';
	if(strQueryCondition != null || strQueryCondition != '')
		strQueryCondition = 'Where' + strQueryCondition;
	oplist = Database.query('select Name from opportunity '+ strQueryCondition);
	return null;