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Ketan Solanki29Ketan Solanki29 

Getting Error : Invalid type: GoogleViz in Apex Class

I am using google visualization api to draw column chart on apex page but, in controller i am getting error


public with sharing class GoogleColumnChartController {

public List<Account> accList { get; set; }

public GoogleColumnChartController(){
accList = [ SELECT Id,Name,Total_Sales__c,Total_Expense__c FROM Account ];



public String getSalesData(){
GoogleViz gv = new GoogleViz();

gv.cols = new list<GoogleViz.col> {
new GoogleViz.Col('col1','Year','Year'),
new GoogleViz.Col('col2', 'Salse','Sales'),
new GoogleViz.Col('col3','Expense','Expense')

for ( Account acc : accList ){

GoogleViz.row r = new GoogleViz.row();

r.cells.add ( new GoogleViz.cell(acc.Total_Sales__c) );
r.cells.add ( new GoogleViz.cell(acc.Total_Expense__c) );

return gv.toJsonString();


please , help me why error come at GoogleViz line i have see many examples on devloperforce using this class object.

but i am getting this error which decrease my interust to use the Visulization api.


anything need to use this GoogleViz in apex class if any then please assist me....

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Abhay AroraAbhay Arora


Above is the link with step by step instructions for same

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Do you have a custom class named GoogleViz?  If you have used the code share that class should be included.

Ketan Solanki29Ketan Solanki29

I haven't this class .


how this class i include in my Org ?.


i have read many google visulization examples but i didn't see this class.


Please help me ...


You should install the google vizualisations code share from:

Abhay AroraAbhay Arora


Above is the link with step by step instructions for same

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