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Relation between pricebook and product



Can u tell me what is the relation between pricebook and product? 


A Product (known in SFDC as Sobject Product2) may be on multiple Pricebooks (known in SFDC as SObject Pricebook2); this is managed with a junction record called PricebookEntry


A Product may be on the same Pricebook  multiple times if you have multi-currency enabled. This also uses the junction record PricebookEntry except each instance of PricebookEntry will have a different value for CurrencyIsoCode


Products may be customized with additional fields; PricebookEntry and Pricebook2 may not be customized with additional fields. All of these can be manipulated with APEX, Data Loader, etc.


Simply Product and Pricebook are having a many to many (m:n) relationship .


The Junction Object of Product (Product2) and Pricebook(Pricebook2) are PriceBookEntry or PBE .


For logical example :

One product may have different Price in different places .

Many products may have the same Price .

Both Product and Prices are mapped in the PriceBookEntry .


This is a basic example of m:n relationship .

Gabriel LinusGabriel Linus

In Salesforce, the relation between Pricebook and Product is established through a PricebookEntry object. They work together to manage pricing and catalog information in Salesforce, enabling organizations to effectively manage their products and pricing strategies.

A Pricebook represents a collection of products or services with their corresponding prices. It acts as a catalog or a pricing list for your organization's offerings. Each Pricebook can contain multiple Pricebook Entries.
A Product represents a specific item or service that your organization sells. It can have various attributes such as name, description and more. Each Product can be associated with one or more Pricebook Entries.

The Pricebook Entry is the junction object that connects the Pricebook and the Product. It contains information specific to the combination of a product and a pricebook, such as the unit price, currency, and any other custom fields related to pricing.
By associating a Product with a Pricebook Entry, you can define different prices for the same product in different Pricebooks. This allows you to offer different pricing options to different customers or for different business scenarios.

If you're looking to learn more about Pricebook in Salesforce, I highly recommend checking out the guide available at This article covers a wide range of topics, including step-by-step instructions on creating, managing, and configuring OWD (Organization-Wide Default) settings related to Pricebook.