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Soujanya sunkaraSoujanya sunkara 

time dependent workflow action on case




whenever customer sends a mail, it gets stored in the 'Email message' object which is a child to 'Case'  object. Which inturn fires workflow field update and updates 'case: Customer last contacted date' to now() (cross object formula field).
Now in case object we want time dependent action to fire if the priority of case is 'low' and case is inactive for 2 days (customer last contacted date == last modified date) it should send email alert which is not working (my doubt is will this time dependent action fire as we are not
please provide some light on this how we can achieve this workflow rule on case object

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Time Dependent workflow Setup Process:


1) Your Name -> setup -> Create -> Workflow & Approvals -> Workflow Rules

2) Click New Rule and select 'Case' Object Click Next

3) Give Meaningful Rule Name, Discription and Select created, and any time it’s edited to subsequently meet criteria from Evaluation Criteria (**Note: Time Dependent workflow won't   work with everytime record's created or edited)

4) In Rule Criteria Select Case Priority Equals Low and Click Next

5) Next Screen Click Add Time Trigger and Select 2 Days After Rule Trigger Date and Click Save

6) Now you can select workflow action New Email alert and fill required date and save.

7) Click Done and Activate your Workflow (Don't forget this step)


Time Dependent Workflow Monitoring Process:


1)Your Name -> setup -> Administrative Setup -> Monitoring -> Time-Based Workflow

2) Specify your criteria and search your timedependent workflows and monitor their queues or process.



Let me know if this would help you or not. 



Soujanya sunkaraSoujanya sunkara

Hi Ketan,

thanks for your reply.

All this I have already done, the problem is as I have specified earlier, workflow rule on case object is not getting fired.

Actually we are not manually updating case record, but it gets updated through cross object formula field update from 'Email Messages' child object.

Not sure it is possible r not with workflow rules.

 If I do this using escalation rules, it is sending email alert but client dont want that case to get escalated, he jus want email alert after 2 days if case is still inactive.

please through some light on this.

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It make sense now that one workflow won't fire off another workflow. but one trigger can fire of another trigger.


Let's consider Two Objects A and B and both are having one field each FieldA and FieldB and also both are having one workflow each. Object A workflow update fieldB and Object B workflow update fieldA so this would lead us to hit governor limit. so workflow won't fire off another workflow.


I think now you need to create trigger on case object which will use APEX Emali to send an email alert.