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Chatter Action Different behavior than Standard record create

We have a custom object that has a trigger behind it.  The trigger causes an update to an object after some other logic is done.  I don't believe any of that is important for the purposes of this issue.  The issue occurs if we try to create the record through a Chatter Action.  If we create the record the standard way (clicking the new button from the custom objects tab filling out the fields and clicking save) everything works fine.  If we try to create the record using a Chatter Action from a different custom object we get an error message (pasted below with non-essential data removed).  The error messages seems to point toward a security issue but everything looks fine and we can create the record the standard way so that shouldn't be the issue.  Does anyone know if Chatter Actions executes under a different user context than the standard record creation.  Kind of at a loss on this one since we are able to create the record through the standard mechanisms just not Chatter Actions...  I see from the debug log that when you create a record with chatter actions the operation says "chatter/handlers/quickcreate" so wonder if there is an issue there...


Error: Invalid Data.


first error: INVALID_FIELD_FOR_INSERT_UPDATE, FSTR__Business_Process__c: bad field names on insert/update call: FSTR__Status__c, FSTR__Completed_Date__c: [FSTR__Status__c, FSTR__Completed_Date__c]


Come on Salesforce employees you should be able to shed some light here.  Since we don't have free developer support anymore this is all we have got.