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Pony BoyPony Boy 

Microsoft Office 2007

Is anyone having difficulty with the Office Edition for Desktop Integration between SFDC and the new office 2007 for word and excel?

There are a couple of issues with Office 2007 and some of the desktop applications from salesforce.  It's being investigated to figure out what the potential impact is.

What problems are you experiencing?

What would also help is for you to file a support case (if you have not done so already) and go to

Houston BillyHouston Billy
Yes.  In outlook 2007 when a new email is created, I do not have the "send and add to salesforce" add in available.
Dave RiceDave Rice
I have been working with Office 2007 from Beta/TRC to now the released version. 
When you first install Salesforce Office tools, they work just fine in a Add In drop down.  If you reboot your computer, then the add in Salesforce functionality is lost. 
By repairing the application (control panel/add remove programs/salesforce office edition/change/repair), the add ins reappear until the next time the computer is shut down and then restarted.
(You will need to have Outlook completely closed and any other Office application including Groove to repair the application)
This has forced me to use the Outlook buttons instead which work fine... but are very inconvenient.
I would appreciate some help from Salesforce in updating Office Edition or some other workaround.

Hi Dave,

Unfortunately there are no workaround I can give you at this time.  If you have not filed a support ticket as yet - I would strongly suggest you do so.  Have more customers request support for a particular feature / version always helps :)



Dave RiceDave Rice

Thanks for the help.  I entered a case for support this evening.


I'm sorry to have to say this, but I think SF has really dropped the ball on Outlook 2007.  This paltform has been scheduled for over a year and we still have no integration.

I'm starting to get very annoyed.
Please note that the upcoming Outlook Edition 3 will have full support for Outlook 2007.
Houston BillyHouston Billy
When is edition 3 going to be available?
Dave RiceDave Rice
According to a Salesforce Account Manager...

Outlook Edition 3 will be available in a limited release targeted to begin March 31. I have signed you up for this - you will receive more information when this is available to you.

Version 3 is going into Limited Release at the end of March. Please contact your Salesforce sales representative on how to sign up for the Limited Release, if you're interested.
In my case the buttons appear in reply messages, but not in new messages.
i'm having difficulty.

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Legiant AdminLegiant Admin
outlook edition version 3 is installed, but mail merge is still not working with office 2007 thread is exactly the same issue, I documented the process, the case is now closed with no fix :smileymad:
Legiant AdminLegiant Admin
outlook edition version 3 is installed, but mail merge is still not working with office 2007 is the same issue, I opened a case, documentyed in the theread, they closed the case with no fix!:smileysad:
i got the new beta plugin or whatever they call it, by getting my sf folks in touch with our sf salesperson and i got the plugin, installed, and now my stuff actually works for the most part.

the only problem i'm having now is that any emails i send to montreal area are bounced with a 500-type error. the support folks just put me off, but it's def on their side of things. sending through my own mail server i have no issues.
How does one obtain Outlook Edition 3, regardless of beta status?
Legiant AdminLegiant Admin
It is properly fixed and working now!:smileyvery-happy:
My company has upgraded to Microsoft 2007.  Initially Outlook displayed the buttons for “Send and Add to Salesforce” and “Create Case in Salesforce” but today, the buttons have disappeared!!  I tried to reinstall the Outlook Edition however after restarting my computer, the buttons do not display. 

I checked the Setup, Desktop Integration, Check for Updates earlier today, it displayed:  Connect for Office and Connect for Microsoft Outlook AND Outlook Edition.  I used the intall wizard to install Connect for Office and Connect for MS Outlook and upgraded the Outlook Edition, then experienced an error in which Outlook automatically shut down.  I restarted my computer and went back in but now there is no reference at all of Outlook Edition. 

Has Connect for MS Outlook replaced Outlook Edition?  What is the workaround for this???

I have logged a case with Salesforce about this. 


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