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Decreasing the size of input field in a table

The AP Yr 1, AP Yr2 and AP Yr3 are input Fields. I want to be reduce their size so that they take lesser column space. How can I do that? The size attribute is supported only for inputText


Product Name Line Type Product Family List Price Quantity AP Yr 1 EP Yr 1 AP Yr 2 EP Yr 2 AP Yr 3 EP Yr 3
RegistrationNew USD 245.005USD 1,225.00USD 1,225.00USD 1,225.00
UsersNew USD 245.005USD 1,225.00USD 1,225.00USD 1,225.00


Thanks for your help




The problem with that output is your quantity column.  Quantity of anything is unlikely to be anywhere close to 8 characters (the length of your column label).  Change the label of that to Qty (or just change the sobject field label) and your table will look better. 


Use the headerValue attribute of apex:column to change that label only in the display of this page/component

Hmm.. Have you tried cellspacing or cellpadding or width on the pageblocktable or datatable?