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BUG: apex:page title not working

If you use a Custom Label as the value for the "title" attribute of Apex Page, it does not render a title at all for the page's code.


per the documentation, the title attribute should said the page title, with exception to "developer mode".  i presume "developer mode" is the browser-based deverloper tools that you can set in personal preferences.  i don't use that at all, and can confirm that this title attribute is not working in my dev org, and my prod org, in both regular VF and via Sites as well.
Rajesh ShahRajesh Shah

One of the case when title attribute of page doesn't works is when showHeader is false. In this case, you can use the html title attribute as shown below:


            <TITLE>My Page Title</TITLE>

ok, that'd be why.  so if "showHeader" is set to fales, the page is rendered as non-compliant HTML.  do you guys plan to address this in the future?  showHeader should only hide the UI elements (ie, the salesforce header).

Agreed. It's very hard to produce valid html when you have to add head sections link this (like with style tags). The output html is horrible. This should really be fixed (title attr. should work for page) and also I think it would be nice to have some kind of apex:headsection component, to allow overriding/adding to the output head section. (e.g. how do we add meta-tags??)

stratus adminstratus admin

Yes, please fix this so showHeader=False not only hides the SFDC header components, but also allow us to add our own <header> elements such as a META tag.

Hi All,

The page title is not getting displayed in IE(IE9), even if I use <title> tag.

But its getting displayed in Chrome browser.

How to solve this?

Try this :
Note: When you are editing a page in Developer Mode, the page title won't be displayed.
In pages set to API 29.0 or lower, if theshowHeader attribute of <apex:page> is set to false, no <title> element is generated.
Try in developer console .

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