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Creating Reports with Visualforce

Hi all,


I can't seem to find anything on how to get started building reports with Visualforce. Can someone point me in the right direction?


My issue is that I've got 12 or so picklists on a webpage that people fill out as part of a profile.  The question is "How frequently do you visit these sites?" and each picklist has 5 text options, with one picklist per site.  Each picklist ties back to a field in Salesforce.  So there are 12 fields to contain the responses for this one question.


What I'm trying to see is each picklist as a column (or row) on a single chart, so I can show the responses for the entire question set (all 12 picklists) without using 12 charts.

Is this possible without using Visualforce and I'm just missing it?  If not, can anyone point me to a resource for how to get started tackling this problem with Visualforce?



You really should'nt be trying to use visual force for reporting. You will hit upon several governor limits when trying to do this. Can you elaborate on your data model as it seems like you are denormalizing the data and might possibly be easier to normalize and use summary reports etc. to get to the informatin you want.

Thanks Anand.  Essentially I'm building a website to recruit participants into a research panel, so there is a big questionnaire I've built with Visualforce and put on Sites.  An example of one of the questions I'm having difficulty reporting on is:


Q24: How frequently do you visit the following websites:

  •  <Never, Once per month, Once per week, Once per day>
  • <Never, Once per month, Once per week, Once per day>
  • <Never, Once per month, Once per week, Once per day>
  • ....
  • <Never, Once per month, Once per week, Once per day>

There are 12 sites listed for Q24.  On each of the 12 listed sites, there is a drop-down with the responses <Never, Once per...>, as shown above.


So in the database, (and maybe this isn't the best way to do it) I set up 12 custom picklist fields ( Visit Freq, Visit Freq, etc), and each one has the same <Never, Once per...> values.


I'm trying to anticipate my client's requests, so I'm trying to find the best way to report on, and chart, the responses for Q24.  Reporting on one particular site is easy, no issue there.  But what if my client wants to see three of the sites for Q24 on one report, or one chart?


I can do this easily in Excel if I take the data offline, but I'd like to avoid that.


Any help is appreciated!