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Passing parameter to controller Method not working



I was wondering if it is possible to pass parameters to our controller method while in a VF page.

I want to render a component only if the method called returns 'true':

 <c:NetworkForm case="{!case}" contact="{!contact}" rendered="{!DisplaySection}">

<apex:param name="sectionName" value="NetworkForm" />   


And the method is the following:

 public Boolean getDisplaySection(){

String sectionName = apexpages.currentpage().getparameters().get('sectionName');

System.debug('SECTION NAME::::::::::' + sectionName);  //sectionName is null !!!!

if(listOfCategorySections.size() > 0 && callCategory!=null && sectionName!=null){

List<RF_Section_Map__c> sections = listOfCategorySections.get(calltype+callCategory);

for(RF_Section_Map__c loopSec : sections){


return true;




return false;


But the parameter is null in my controller, any ideas?


Thanks in advance.


I want to render a component only if the method called returns 'true':


<apex:outputpanel rendered="{!DisplaySection}">

<c:NetworkForm case="{!case}" contact="{!contact}"/>



Just in case if you are rerendering this outputPanel on a user interaction, you will have an issue with what u have.  I just had this issue.  If you specify rendered attribute on an outputPanel and if you rerender that tag from a user interaction, let's say button click(CommandLink), It would not rerender properly. You will either need to wrap the outputPanel with another outputPanel, or move the rendered attribute to the c:NetworkForm tag. And put an id for the ouside outputPanel and rerender that outputPanel. It seem you can't rerender a tag that has rendered attribute.