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Problem displaying list of items returned from WebService Callout

Good afternoon,


I am having trouble displaying a list of items returned from a webservice callout.


On the visual force page I receive the following error:


Error: Unknown property ''



Visual force page:


<apex:repeat value="{!CFCampaigns}" var="campaignList"> {!}  




Here's my controller code: 

Public List<WebServ.CampaignType> CFCampaigns;


public CF_ctlr() { WebServ.BroadcastServiceHttpPort webService = new WebServ.BroadcastServiceHttpPort(); WebServ.ArrayOfCampaignType result = webService.getFullCampaignList('2134ds'); this.CFCampaigns = result.CampaignType; } public List<WebServ.CampaignType> getCFCampaigns() { return this.CFCampaigns; } public String getCampaignId() { return this.CFCampaigns[0].name; 





 I verified that the property does exist and the getCampaignId method in my controller works. 


Any ideas?





That smacks that there isn't a getName method on the WebServ.CampaignType object.


In your getCampaignId, you use : return this.CFCampaigns[0].name, which is directly accessing the field.


However, when the VF page is rendering the contents of your repeat tag,  {!}

equates to campaignList.getName()

Message Edited by bob_buzzard on 03-09-2010 01:02 AM

The WebServ object/class is generated by WSDL2Apex. 


Thanks ,