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Override "New" button on lookup dialogue

Is there a way that I canoverride the "New" button on a lookup dialogue?


Specifically, I want to override the "New" button after searching for an account by clicking on the magnifying class next to an account field.






I don't believe this is possible.  You can override the behaviour for all New buttons (e.g. home tab, sidebar etc) or none.


Can you explain a bit more about what you are trying to achieve?


I would be happy to override the "New" button for all screens, but it doesn't seem to override the "New" button on the lookup screen for accounts.


I'm processing a check from someone.  The data entry requires me to have an account for that person.  I use the lookup magnifying glass on account field on the check entry screen to find the person.  If he's not found, there is a "New" button on the lookup screen which allows me to create a new account.


The problem is that I would like to collect more information on the account than normally appears on the screen called up the the "New" button and that screen does not reflect the field names that I've renamed on the Account nor does it reflect the screen that I set up to override the "New" button on Accounts.


Is there any way around this?






My bad - didn't read your post properly.


I've not found any way to impact this particular feature.  The fields don't appear to match up with any search layouts or mini-views.


Thanks for responding.  I thought maybe I was missing something.