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Help with apex:outputField in visual force template

I'm trying to create a VF email template. I need to use apex:outputField rather than apex:outputText because there is a problem with GMT daylight savings when I output a date that is on summer time. apex:outputField should help me do this 


My code reads like this:



<messaging:emailTemplate subject="Test" recipientType="Contact" relatedToType="Work__c" >
<messaging:htmlemailbody >

<apex:variable var="date" value="{!relatedTo.Start__c}"/>
            <apex:outputField value="{0, date, EEEE d, MMMM yyyy, hh:mm a}">
                                <apex:param value="{!date}" />



but when I select my template  I'm getting the error:" value for outputField is not a dynamic binding!"


So I read up on dynamic binding in the VF guide but I'm none the wiser.


Can anybody help?




Unfortunately you can't use param with outputfield, the value attribute needs to be an actual field. What edition do you have?


You could do what you need by using a simple component where you need the date displayed.


This thread has some sample code to calculate the date correctly:


and this page shows you how to add a component to a vf email template:


Your component is going to be much simpler than that of course, just returning that date variable.


I had a similar issue and I believe the issue you faced is that you probably have internationalization working in the form of multi-currency. When activated you cannot use <apex:outputField> and must use <apex:outputText> with all the issues related to displaying currency fields and dates.


I have raised this issue on IDEAS.