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result count in knowledge:articleList

I have been working at implementing a public knowledge base based on the sample and there is some functionality that I am missing. Any help appreciated.


1) The pagination works, but it feels very minimal. I feel it's a very bad user experience to not show how many total articles a query returns or how many pages of results there are. The user doesn't know if their search term is too vague or too precise because they don't know if it returned 2 pages of results or 50 pages of results without manually clicking through them. 


2) It would also be nice if I could break down the number of results per data category. The user can search for a term and can make an informed/intelligent decision to filter by data category knowing how many results would be returned by that filter.


Is there some way to find this information? I'm using the keyword attribute of knowledge:articleList VF tag, but I can't see how I can make a similar query that will return more usefull information.


Thanks very much.






Unfortunatley, it's not possible usign articleList controller to get the total number of articles or a break down per data category.


By using API, you may be able to get total number, break down per data category may be more complexe but possible. A draw back of API approach is that each search is not track in search report or keyowrd report.