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Hi All,


I have create a flow and embeded in the visualforce page. I have created an outputpanel with some picklist values in the same visualforce page. I am rendering the outputpanel when formid is not null. As soon as the formid created ie., not null the outputpanel is tracking to all the flow pages from that point. How can I display the outpupanel only in one particular flow page it should not track to another pages. Please help me out it very urgent.


This is my code:

<flow:interview name="flow_test" interview="{!myflow}"   buttonStyle="btn" >

 <apex:form >
 <apex:outputpanel rendered="{!(FormId!=null)}" >
 <b>  Category Selection 1 </b> <apex:inputField value="{!f.Level_1__c}"/><br/>
<b>Category Selection 2 </b> <apex:inputfield value="{!f.Level_2__c}">
<b> Category Selection 3</b>  <apex:inputfield value="{!f.Level_3__c}">



public class flowctrl{
public Flow.Interview.flow_test myflow {get;set;}
public string FormId;
public string cid;
public form__c f{get;set;}
public String getFormId() {
            return FormId;